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BroadBand PLT M1501-BB

SmartMeter Power Line Tester
EV PLT-1503-BB.png
  • Measurement and testing of physical level of PLC communication

  • Designed for Narrowband G3-PLC (CENELEC-A and FCC band), CENELEC-S FSK or PRIME as well as Broadband communication technology

  • Spectral analysis in Narrowband (CENELEC-A and FCC band) and Broadband frequencies in 20kHz-50MHz

  • Web browser used for full device operation

  • Online viewing of recorded data files and online file browsing

  • Offline PC-based – “Offline PLT Viewer” SW for recorded data analysis included

  • Roll-oscilloscope time analysis in up to 50MHz frequency bandwidth

  • Remote operation via Wi-Fi or LTE modem (option) for remote control and measurements through VPN

  • Simple (button-less) on-site usage (connect & go)

  • Solid manufacturing and safe use in all demanding environments (CAT IV compliance for TS measurements)

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