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New - enhanced version of the Powerline tester - the PLT-M1501 has just been released

We have just successfully released the new version of the Power Line Tester - the PLT1501 with more robust design and multiple new SW features.

The product represents web based spectrum analyzing testing equipment enabling the observation PLC communication on the physical level such as dB levels of PLC frequency carriers, disturbances, noise or other unwanted frequency harmonics, within frequency bandwidth from 10kHz to 110kHz (or 500kHz option).

It solves the measurement part within the PLC metering network cleanup process giving a direct insight into the quality of PLC signals on AC line.

The new version of Power Line Tester - the PLT1501 was released at the beginning of 2019. The product now features an internal UPS device enabling operation from both the external power supply or internal Li-Ion battery with over 7 hour stand-alone operation. It is designed more robustly and features a new WiFi dongle with much longer range and faster memory cards allowing for faster rebooting of the device and more reliable operation. The battery LED indicator has been improved and the on-off switch equipped with an LED for operation indication. SW features have also been enhanced significantly and amongst others now also incorporate an internal web-based viewer for replaying the pre-saved csv files and optimizes space in saving csv files with up to 100ms resolution. The system now also has support for REST web services allowing for remote reading/writing or deleting of scv files allowing for seamless integration into existing IT systems through a highly secure VPN network. The browser-based client now also works with any mobile device. Every device now comes together with 2m cables and CAT III or CATIV 2mm or 4mm measurement probes and a practical bag for storing accessories.

Main unique features of the device:

  • Measurement and testing of physical level of PLC communication

  • Designed for G3-PLC, CENELEC-S FSK or PRIME communication technology

  • Spectral analysis in 10kHz-110kHz (or 500kHz option) frequency bandwidth

  • Web browser used for device operation

  • Time analysis in 10kHz-110kHz (or 500kHz) frequency bandwidth (option)

  • On-device or on-server based data logging

  • Remote operation via Wi-Fi or LTE modem (option) for remote control and measurements

  • Simple (button-less) on-site usage (connect & go)

  • Solid manufacturing and safe use in all demanding environments (CAT IV compliance

  • for TS measurements)

The product is used by electrical utility companies employing PLC-type smart meters or other equipment with PLT communication capability – up to 500kHz (e.g. demand response communication hubs).

The product is specially intended for electrical utility companies or companies dealing with PLC-type smart meter communication.

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