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EnerVIZOR has attended the Hannover Messe

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

We have successfully presented our products at the Hannover industrial fair for the first time. It was a unique opportunity to meet with ​existing and future business partners as well as clients.

Our decision to develop the Power Line Tester (PLT-M1501) for analyzing the PLC channel has once again proven absolutely correct as there is a great lack of instrumental equipment manufacturers which can cover frequency ranges exceeding that of the EN50160 prescribed limits which is only up to the 24th Harmonics. Our PLT's frequency range goes from 10kHz up to 500kHz covering all widely available European, US and Japanese metering ranges (CENELEC-A/B/C/D, FCC and ARIB).

It has also been observed that the number of Electric vehicle charger manufacturers as well as Demand Side Management equipment providers is growing which means that analysis in the broadband PLC spectrum is also becoming more and more relevant for most equipment manufacturers and also Distribution System Operators (utility companies). We have receive interest for our new broad-band PLT device which can cover up to 27MHz since PLC communication is used for both these fields of application.

At the same time the eFUSE remote switch controller has been discussed with some potential partners as it represents a novel device which can seamlessly enable remote switchgear operation. This is also related to more and more Demand Side Management (DSM) application coming to the market which require easily integratable and reliable means to perform switchover activity based on external inputs coming from high-level IT applications.

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