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Make Your Switchgear Equipment Smart

- A remote communication smart switch in 2 DIN modules
- 3 switching options - Circuit Breaker, Mains Switch, Residual Current Circuit Breaker, Arc Fault Detection Device

- Many communication options available - WiFi, GPRS/SMS, Ethernet

- Remote or local switch control and monitoring the device ON/OFF status

- History log, periodic self-check mechanism, auto-reclosure
- Support for most switchgear equipment providers
- Enabled through the IoT web based eFUSE-VIZOR server
- Accessible through standardized web MQTT services (eFUSE-VISION)

- Smart mobile application available for configuration, supervision and control – with eFUSE-MOBILE free app

Autonomous Reporting & Alarm System with IEC61850
PMA 14​

- Autonomous reporting unit

- Immediate alarm recognition in abnormal process situations

- Two-four I/O cards per unit with 16 input channels and 2 relay contacts each

- Two relay contacts on the base supply board

- Ethernet communication via certified IEC61850 protocol

- Parallel Redundancy Protocol PRP-1 (IEC62439-3:2012)

- Touch screen display for current alarm states of I/O signals for

- manual no-screen acknowledgement

- Web server for device configuration.

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